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Amaro Gayo https://tegernseer-kaffeeroesterei.de/produkt/honduras-finca-clave-de-sol-parainema-dried-natural/ honey / mango / peach Honduras „Clave de Sol“ Our pick Order now


Favorite coffees, espressos and a vast selection of accessories for all coffee lovers.



Exclusive and sustainable 86+ coffees combined with unprecedented transparency.



When the mailman rings the doorbell and wants to stay for a great cup of coffee.



We are the reliable partner for businesses and gastronomy when it comes to coffee.





and thank you for your visit! In order to make things a little easier for you and to help you decide what to order, we would like to tell you a bit more about the world of coffee “out there” and why ours is different.

At ETK we focus exclusively on the purchase and processing of high quality coffees. Our emphasis is on single origin, non-blended specialty coffees. Depending on the harvest stage of each coffee growing region, we have about 30 different “single estate“ coffee varieties available at any time, including strictly limited coffee rarities as well as coffees that have received the “Cup of Excellence“ award. We buy most of our coffees directly from the coffee farmers allowing for complete transparency. We roast them freshly, as needed, using our R-15 and R-30 drum roasters, always aiming to bring out the sweet-spot of each coffee.

Coffee is the most popular drink in Germany which is why its price matters to the consumer more than that of other drinks. In order to be able to offer those low retail prices, companies often buy inferior – and hence cheaper – coffee varieties (e.g. from Vietnam for as little as $ 0.04 for the kilogram). Through the process of vaporization those coffees first have to be made drinkable. Only then will it be possible to shock roast them at 600°C. Due to that short roasting time irritants are left in the beans and consumed when you drink the coffee which often results in a sour taste, poor flavor and heartburn for the consumer. If this sounds familiar to you, you will appreciate and enjoy the alternative ETK offers.

You are in the right place – just get in touch with us and let us hear from you. You are also more than welcome to attend one of our tastings. All the information you need can be found right here on our website. Now, we would like to wish you pure enjoyment – have a wonderful stay on our website!

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David Molnar David Molnar Kiváló kávé minőség, hangulatos terasszal Alex Foto Alex Foto Very good cafe and cakes Maria K Maria K One of the best cappuccino on Tegernsee. John Bradford John Bradford Nice coffee made well on top equipment (Victoria Arduino) and very good looking cakes. Service when we were there was “precision”. Helen Y Helen Y I was introduced to Mario of Tegernseer Kaffeeroesterei by chance when I was in Germany 4 years ago. When I first tasted his coffee at his café, I was not an avid coffee drinker. Ever since that introduction to his coffee when he was the barista, I got hooked to coffee. Mario is truly passionate about coffee and I got to know a great deal about coffee through him. Not only is he a perfectionist on how he makes his coffee, he has all the skills and is an all-rounder in the art of coffee making. Uliana AnD Uliana AnD Flat white, can you imagine?!? They do it perfect and bring a water as it should be. There is free parking available and great people serving you. I definitely walked 1,5km for a right reason! ;) Abdelaziz Sahoo Abdelaziz Sahoo Cafe Felix has the best coffee in the area! Coffee there is really on point and I really have to thank the owner for always being there. He is respectful and he even offered coffee during his days off which are Monday’s and Tuesday’s. Try out the cheese sandwich too you wouldn’t want to miss it and if you’re in desperate need of good coffee this is the right place. Andrey Parfinovich Andrey Parfinovich Это вам не растворимый кофе. ;) Очень рекомендую это место. FatimaJS FatimaJS I was astounded to find such cafe in Tegernsee I am fond of specialty coffee and can’t taste the commercial cappuccinos served in most cafes and believe that a decent coffee can’t be without good coffee beans and a good barista it’s an art that not everybody can do it. The coffee was amazing during the 11 days that we stayed in Tegernsee accept for two times their pastry is amazing especially their poppy seed cheese cake. Lena Levin Lena Levin Tasty coffee, knowledgeable staff, good cakes. Great for coffee enthusiasts.
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