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Fair Trade alone is not enough for us


OUR COFFEES: The way people perceive and interpret luxury has changed considerably over the past 10 years. Nowadays values such as time and quality are considerably more important to the consumer than a well-known brand name. That is exactly what we offer to our customers, combined with unprecedented transparency. The origin, quality and price of every ounce of our coffees can be traced and verified, starting with its cultivation and ending with the roasting process. In those fields we are pioneers in Germany.


THE PLEDGE:  Together with the best coffee roasters in the world, we change the rules of the coffee trade. The Pledge is an international strategy of transparency on behalf of influential coffee roasters across the globe: Fighting the highly unacceptable circumstances in the field of coffee trade through partnership and financial transparency.

The transparency of our products


Personal. Close and harmonious cooperation with the growers and coops. We visit them regularly and together we work out new lots, cup profiles and qualities.


Sustainable. Our coffees are cultivated in a natural and ecological way that is typical for each particular region, then they are harvested and prepared by hand.  And above all, we act sustainably in everything we do, conserve natural resources, use alternative energies and financially support local community projects.


Direct. Direct contact with growers in their home countries is particularly important to us. To a great extent, we purchase our coffees directly from the growers themselves or we cooperate with buyers we know and who reveal their prices to us.


Price =  value. MFL pays their partners premium prices which are substantially higher than Fair Trade minimum prices. Only in this way can we really help the growers and people in the coffee growing communities.


A new definition of Quality


Excellence. All of our coffees have been awarded a minimum of 87 points by internationally recognized cuppers. This corresponds to “Cup of Excellence”, which is the competition for specialty coffees that is recognized word wide.


Transparency. Everything about our coffees is transparent: from the purchase to the roasting profile every step is traceable and visible – most of all the high quality.


Quantity. MFL, our new line, consists of only a handful of different coffees. Combined with a great deal of passion, it complements our portfolio perfectly and maintains its quality and high expectations.


Uniqueness. Our coffees all come from plantations that have an international reputation for their unique flavor profiles.


Our conviction. We believe that coffee is more than just a food item that is consumed in passing. That is why we have great respect for everything involved in the process: nature, the different countries where the coffee is grown, the growers, the people in the respective communities as well as the preparation of the coffee. Coffee bean by coffee bean.


Our expectations. The coffee growers are not just the suppliers. They are family. Together we act as coffee ambassadors, share our passion with our customers and offer unique coffees.


Our value. There are multiple providers of specialty coffees all over Germany. However, not many of them can claim to be judges in the “Cup of Excellence” competition and as such meet the best coffee growers in the world in person on a regular basis. This direct and excellent contact to countries where the coffee is grown marks the exclusive nature of MFL.

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