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Nicaragua Finca La Huella Red Bourbon washed


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dark chocolate, maple syrup, pomegranate

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Nicaragua Finca “La Huella”, Red Bourbon, washed

The history of this unique coffee is deeply connected with the Mierisch family, whose “Mierisch” fincas serve as a model for many coffee farmers around the world and are known for internationally renowned specialty coffees of the highest quality.

Taste: dark chocolate, maple syrup, pomegranate
Cupping score: 87 points


Country: Nicaragua
Region: Matagalpa
Location: Jinotega
Owner: Erwin Mierisch
Farm size: 76 ha
Variety: Red Bourbon
Preparation: washed
Mounting height: 1.315 – 1.400m
Harvest time: December – March
Temperature Ø: 15-21°C
Lot number: 13-2304266
Cooperation: since 2012
Roasting: bright



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Direct Trade: We paid USD 3.25/lb FOT directly to the coffee farmer (i.e. more than double the Fair Trade minimum price).

Our brew recipe:

Hario V60: Size 02
Water: 300g
Coffee: 18g
Water temperature: 94 – 96°C
Grinding degree: Hand filter
Comandante: 17 clicks
TDS: 1,30

Pour 100g of water and mix for 30 sec. bloom. Subsequently, pour another 100g of water. At about 1:10 minutes, pour the remaining 100g of water. Total brewing time: 2:15 – 2:25 minutes. Drinking temperature: 50-55°C.

Tip: If the coffee runs too long, grind a little coarser.


I had the great pleasure of meeting Erwin Mierisch many years ago when I was a judge at the “Cup of Excellence” in Nicaragua. From 2000 to 2011 he was Operations Manager at the CoE and Head Judge at many auctions. Erwin has led many training courses and is known far beyond the borders of his home country.

In 2015, I met Erwin again in Honduras during the “Cup of Excellence”. In the meantime, he has bought the finca “Cerro Azul” there. I was able to shoot a large part of our company image film together with Erwin on this farm.

Erwin Mierisch, one of the best coffee farmers in the world, describes his daily work as follows:
“It is not easy to produce the highest quality coffee year after year. This does not happen by chance. And it doesn’t happen because you have a certificate. Mother Nature can only help us up to a certain point – the rest is up to us. It all starts with a ripe coffee cherry, followed by care and attention during processing. It takes many years of experience with trials and failures, experiments with different varieties and processing methods. Never being completely satisfied, knowing that we are far from knowing everything, and never settling for the status quo and making personal and financial improvements to reach the next level of quality. After every harvest, we know that we can improve something again – and we try to do so again and again.
It is a humbling endeavor that can only be mastered by focusing on this one cherry, this one tree, this one bag and this one day. This focus allows us to achieve complete lot separation – it gives us the opportunity to look for the jewels on the cupping table.

This work is not for those who are impatient and easily frustrated. In some cases, it takes up to 4 years to taste the results of an experiment. The reward for this work is the variety of unique cup qualities in the lots we offer.
This is what drives Fincas “Mierisch” forward. We hope you enjoy our efforts.”

Last year, I was once again a judge at the “Cup of Excellence”. This time again in Nicaragua. Of course, I also visited the Mierisch farms “Limoncillo”, “Mama Mina”, “Las Delicias” and “La Huella”. I was holding Doc Mierisch on his farm when our lots from Fincas Mierisch arrived at Lake Tegernsee. A feeling that cannot be described in words.






All roasted coffee prices include. dt. Coffee tax (€ 2,19 / 1 Kg roasted coffee) and incl. 7% VAT. Subject to change without notice. Offer while stocks last.

Weight 280 g



Aeropress, Chemex, Coffee Maker, French Press, Karlsbader Kanne, V60, Whole Beans

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