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What makes coffee from ETK different?


The difference between specialty coffee and mass produced coffee cannot be explained in one sentence. It is more complicated and explaining it takes time – just like roasting our specialty coffees takes time. We recommend you take the time to learn about some things worth knowing about the quality of coffee in our country.

ETK is part of a small yet very active international network of coffee enthusiasts with the same goal: we are striving to improve the quality of the coffee in our various countries of origin while at the same time aiming to provide higher profits for the growers.


That is why we import coffees either directly or in collaboration with other roasters who are part of the same network. We buy our coffee directly from the growers which means it is not traded on the coffee exchange. Therefore, there are no added costs other than the shipping. The money goes to those who have really earned it: the coffee growers. Through close cooperation within the network it is possible for us to buy entire lots, which we then divide up amongst members. This makes it possible for us to offer a large variety of truly extraordinary coffees at all times. True to our motto ‘There is no need for us to eat strawberries in November’ we do not store coffee to always have every kind available. We roast it, sell it, and when one variety is out of stock we look forward to the next time it will be harvested.



At ETK and Café Felix we focus exclusively on buying exquisite, high quality specialty coffees.

Those come from many different countries around the world where they are grown in different geographical altitudes. Different qualities of soil as well as climate shape their particular flavor. An important factor that eventually determines the flavor profile of a coffee is the way it is processed in its country of origin – washed, honey or natural. Another decisive factor, however, is up to us: the roasting process. It is amazing what different roasting profiles can lead to for the same kind of coffee – both in a positive and negative way.

Our focus and hence our daily challenge is to find the so-called sweet spot. This is the point at which coffee reveals its full character: instead of ‘only’ being very good it becomes truly extraordinary. Thanks to our extensive experience we manage to implement the ‘Sample roast profile’ in the daily production roasting.

This means investing a lot of time, passion and know how. Or in other words: investing exactly those qualities that distinguish us from other roasteries.

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Did you know?

This is what the world of coffee looks like outside of the Café Felix


Coffee maintains its number one position as the most popular drink in Germany – it is more popular than water, beer, wine and tea. On average, each of us drinks four cups of coffee a day, 165 liters a year.

Surprisingly enough though the price of coffee matters more than that of any other drink. Both the quality and the price of coffee in Germany are at their lowest level ever and can barely get any lower. With the tax for coffee currently being € 2.19 per kilo and a VAT of 7% one (rightfully) wonders what kinds of coffee the discounters offer, and the answer is simple: low quality coffee beans are being bought, among others, in Vietnam for about $ 0.04 (!) per kilo.

Those inferior-quality products first have to be made edible through a process of vaporization so that they can be ‘shock-roasted’ in 90 seconds at 600 degrees Celsius. For that, the raw coffee beans are being treated with water vapor which sets free acids and bad aromas. This allows industrial roasters to use green, unripe and rotten coffee beans.

Due to this short roasting time irritants are left in the coffee and being consumed when you drink the coffee. This often results in a sour taste and relatively little aroma and can cause heartburn. Since this coffee is usually sold pre-ground, the consumer cannot visibly detect its inferior quality. Quite frequently, Maltodextrin and caramel are added to those coffees. In the packages of some commercial roasters more than 10% are made up by those additives.



We sell nothing but the highest quality products: everything from regular coffee to espresso, from cane sugar from Mauritius to Syphon coffee makers and from the coffee grinder to the scale.



Those words by the Italian poet and philologist Giacomo Leopardi adaquarely describe a place the gourmets of this world can call home: Felix – a café and espresso bar.

This extraordinary café has room for 40 guests. It offers a variety of gorgeous places to sit: casually along the bar, cozy places by the window or – weather permitting – at a sunny table outside, enjoying the grandiose view of the Wallberg. Inside the café a unique atmosphere is spread by warm creme and coffee colored tones combined with oiled wood. This is enhanced by the beautiful décor such as antique coffee makers and grinders. Let yourself be seduced by this perfection. Café Felix is looking forward to your visit.



The one thing that will beguile your senses as soon as you enter our café is the incomparable fragrance of the best coffee varieties in the world. The diversity of exclusive and valuable coffee varieties Café Felix offers is unmatched. In fact, it is so valuable the beans should be kept in a vault.

You can completely immerse yourself into the world of cooffe and indulge in it. Let us spoil you with a freshly roasted ‘Harrar’ from Ethiopia which is characterized by a fragrance as sweet as honey and the aroma of blueberries, chocolate and dark grapes. Or maybe try a cup of our full bodied, intense, chocolaty Guatemala Finca ‘Bourbon’. If you are lucky we might even have Nicaragua Finca ‘La Huella’ in stock, which is characterized by the aroma of blood orange, toffee and passion fruit – a coffee variety that was awarded the ‘Cup of Excellence’.

All those different coffees we brew freshly for you at our coffee bar, using a porcelain filter. We therefore ask for a little bit of patience on behalf of our customers on busy days.

For those who love espresso we offer a variety, both single estates and various blends. Our ‘Emma Forte’, which is reminiscent of walnuts and chocolate, won first place (reaching 9.5 out of 10 points) in a competition by the journal CREMA.

Using those, we create for you anything your heart desires – from espresso, cappucchino or caffé latte to unusual coffeec cocktails.



What do ham, Italian Salame, fresh salmon with creamy horseradish, flavorful cheeses, healthy Muesli or corn flakes with milk have in common with yoghurt, scrambled eggs, butter, jam, Prosecco and orange juice?

Together, they make up the exclusive breakfast Café Felix offers for gourmets every morning from 9 – 12.

Every desire is fulfilled with the large variety of breakfasts we offer: ‘Classic’, ‘Business’ (with salmon and creamy horseradish), ‘Italian’ (with Milano Salame and homemade tomato spread), ‘Almbauern’ (with different cheeses, fruit and nuts) and ‘Vital’. Our popular ‘Frühstück für Zwei’ (Breakfast for Two) is the ideal start to the day for couples, good friends or business partners. Try our best seller the next time you visit Café Felix.

One suggestion: we recommend reserving a table on weekends

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